Sun God

Light | Civilization | Order

Symbol: a spiraling sun done in gold or bronze. 


God of the Sun, Light of Civilization, and Guardian of the Just – Azar rules over civilization itself and helps maintain order and justice. His temples often double as houses of law and municipal buildings. Guards and soldiers also worship under his name and it's not uncommon to find a shrine to him in guard houses or on war fronts. 

He commands his followers to always follow the path of light and be vigilant to evil, uproot injustice wherever you find it, and protect those under your guard at all costs. 

Azar often appears as a muscular man with two white wings and golden hair, often holding a sword or staff weapon.

Titles: Lord of Fire, The Bright/Radiant One, The Just

Domains: Light, War

Portfolio: Law, War, Strength, Purification, Fire, Crafting





Clerics of Azar




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