Earth Goddess

Life | Creation | Nature

Symbol: a simple black star. 


Goddess of the Earth, Creator of Life, and Mother of Nature – Avani is the central deity of Celestine because it is from her that all life sprung.

Temples and churches built in her name often guard natural monuments or vast wildernesses or exist as places of healing, rest, and sustenance. 

Her followers are encouraged to embrace the bounty of the natural world so that it may nurture and sustain them, aid and protect others as the Mother protects her children, and live in concert with the world around them.

Avani often appears as a mature woman wearing an elaborate crown of thorns, spikes, antlers, or branches. Her symbol is a simple black star and dates back to the time of Ancient Qetesh. 

Titles: The Great Mother, The Goddess, The Mother, Warden of the Woods, The Green Mother

Domains: Life, Nature, Tempest

Portfolio: Childbirth, Hearth, Family, Hunting, Love, Marriage, Agriculture

Dogma: Avanites believe that the world must be protected and cherished, its bounty carefully cultivated and shared with all. Hard work and tender hands bring about change and it is only through aiding others that you find your true purpose. 

Avani's strength is the spiritual strength of love, charity, and hope. 

Clergy: Avani's followers heal the sick, bless crops, help the needy and protect the wild lands from abuse and over cultivation. They are caring and nurturing, flexible in the face of adversity, hard working, and their will is as hard as stone. 

Their favored weapon is a staff and they are not prone to engaging in warfare unless directly threatened. They most often serve as healers and caretakers and their vestments are usually gold and green. 

The largest portion of the clergy are female, however, men are not discouraged from joining and are welcomed by fellow Avanites. 

Ranks: Avani's churches are highly organized, each keeping in touch with one another and sharing information and resources. The highest position within the clergy is the Divine Mother and there is one for each region (ie., a Divine Mother in Selymbria, one in Andorra, one in Capricea, etc.). Only females can become Divine Mothers.

Beneath her are the Mother's/Father's who run the various churches and temples in cities and towns. They may also tend sacred sites and waystations

Common followers of Avani or those who serve under a Mother/Father are called Sisters/Brothers. They are often not clerics themselves, but healers or worshippers. 

Paladins: While rare, Avenite paladins are called Keepers and are generally protectors of natural sanctuaries and monuments. Higher members of the order are called Earthkeepers.

Clerics of Avani

As a cleric of Avani you may have been blessed with the powers of healing from an early age or perhaps you had a life-changing event that led you down this path, but regardless of the time of your Awakening, you would have begun your tutelage as a Sister or Brother at a local temple or church. 

Titles and ranks within the clergy are informal and used to foster a sense of community and familiarity. Those who found or run places of worship are called Mothers and Fathers, but they may not have been blessed by Avani herself. Those gifted with divine powers are called the Children of Avani and make up a small, but powerful, part of her following.


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