The Silver River flows from the Ivory Mountains, beginning near the mines of Bel Ath Airgid and continuing down through the Heath Fields around the Blackwoods before forking, a tributary of the river merging to become part of the Slynne, a large river known for its reddish-brown coloration.

Tasgall MacKay was a fisherman and trapper who settled on the bend of the Silver River near Heath Fields some eighty years ago and created a tradepost, the first permanent structure in the area. Ten years later, a half-elf chirurgeon named Viscal set up his home and practice not far from the MacKay home near the edge of the Ashdown Hills. There he founded the Heathfield's Hospital to service local farmer and the miners upstream.

The hospital was unique in that Viscal was a medical practitioner, not a healer or cleric, and relied upon herbalism and alchemy – a skill that could be learned and past on to the surrounding folks. Viscal eventually married on of MacKay's daughters, Fiona, entwining the MacKays and the Hospital for many years to come.

With a hospital so close, many began to move into the surrounding fields and populating the area. One of the first was a dwarf named Baldrick Vragnisson, who settled his family near the Corriedoo Copse – a small woods not far from the hospital. Baldrick was an iron-worker by trade and came to make his living selling tools and supplies for miners of the Buel Ath Airgid, which is controlled by the Silverlight Dwarves. 


While the present day village is too small to have a real mayor, the MacKay family has continued to hold an influential part in the area as one of only two gentleman houses. A small council of influential townsfolk make decision for the outcome of the village, with the most influential currently being Tristan MacKay, Carac McKinnon, Amara Tassarion, and Baldrick Vragnisson.


Places of Interest:

The Heathfield Hospital – this large, single-story stone structure boasts a front supported by tall columns and has an open, welcoming atmosphere. Set in a place of importance in the center of the town square, it is the most impressive building in the village. While the original, smaller building still exists it now functions as a small storefront for herbs and potions, while the present day hospital – built roughly thirty years ago – functions as the main building.

The Townhall – this one-story wooden structure holds a large, open room with a small stage against the far wall. Used for town council meetings, gatherings, and various other municipal functions. 

The Millhouse 



MacKay's Trading House – run by Seoras MacKay, this large business was the first structure to be build in Aramore. While the MacKay's no longer live in the upper floor, they still use the building as their shop-front. 

Baldrick's Supplies – mining equipment and iron goods can be found here.

Bright Lights – run by Rhoswen Flint, this business specializes in supplying candles for the town.

Bonnie's Baked Buns – run by Alyce Calwood, the shop sells baked goods.

The Hungry Troll – owned and run by Zane de Morbren, the local watering house.



Amara Tassarion – weaver.

Carac McKinnon - miller.


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