The Gods


Gods of Selymbria

The religion of Selymbria is known as Celestine and a practitioner is known as a Celemite. There are three gods who make up the triad, all embodiments of celestial bodies – the sun, the moon, and the earth. 

Avani – The Earth. Goddess of Life, Community, and Nature. (D: Life, Nature, Tempest)

Azar- The Sun. God of Light, Civilization, and Order. (D: Light, War)

Mahin - The Moon. God of Knowledge, Death and Magic. (D: Knowledge, Trickery, Death)


The Green Way

A path of nature worship, it was brought to the North by mostly barbarian tribes who viewed the Earth as a mother from which all life sprung. Worshippers of the Green Way don't follow a singular deity, but instead, worship the elements and natural forces that make up the world. 

The Gods

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