Game Rules


The Shadow Gate uses the D&D Next (aka 5e) rule set, so please familiarize yourself with these if you haven't already.

If you plan to play a spell caster, then please familiarize yourself with your spells and how they work, as well as which ones you have prepared. 

This adventure is a home-brew, meaning it has been adapted to fit into the World of Sol. This means that some things available in the default D&D setting will not be available in my world. If you feel very strongly about a particular item/race/class, then please speak with me about it and we can see what we come up with.

Please keep cell-phone use to a minimum. While I do not mind checking your phone occasionally or using it for character sheets, this is primarily a role-playing game and it interrupts continuity when not all players are participating in some way. Be respectful of each players turn by giving them your attention and keeping track of what is developing, whether its in a social situation or combat.

Game Rules

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