Solid and enduring like the mountains they love, dwarves weather the passage of time with stoic endurance and little change. They live around the honor and traditions of their clans, tracing their ancestry back to the founding of their most ancient strongholds and don't abandon those traditions lightly.

Dwarves are native to the lands of Selymbria and Braxon, having built ancient fortresses and cities along the God's Walk long before the kingdom's of men took hold.

In Selymbria, they have a strong hold on the mercantile industries, particularly where it concerns ore, metalwork, armor, and weaponry. While their expertise can't be denied, there are some who resent their jealous hold on the mines along the mountains.

Dwarves live to be roughly 300 years old and mature at the same rate as humans, but aren't considered mature by dwarven standards until they are 50. This is also when most male dwarves have grown full beards.


Female dwarves in Peredin do not grow beards, but do tend to be hairier overall than most other races except some types of human.  



The most common dwarf on Peredin, Jorgun are commonly called "mountain dwarves". Named for their environment, Jorgun build their homes in the mountains whether they be stalwart citadels in the mountain peaks or deep underground cities above vast mining networks. 

Jorgun are most commonly found along the God's Walk Mountains where their cities have stood for ages. Many of the most famous clans hail from this area and they control almost all trade in mineral resources in northern Peredin. 


Commonly called "hill dwarves" the Feldun are found in the rolling hills of Andossa, building cities and citadels above ground. While they may have some subterranean buildings for the most part Feldun build above ground. 



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